Death by Spaceship


Death by spaceship… it’s the only dignified way to go. And it’s the only death I’m content with accepting, thank you very much. And obviously, it’s the most badass way to go. Many deaths have occurred in the name of space exploration and many more deaths are inevitable as humanity enters the era in which we leave the earth and inhabit space.

It’s happening… At this rate of the commercialization and popularization of space exploration, my generation will be the one to get humans off earth and onto other places in space. My generation will be the one to remove humanity’s dependence on earth. My generation could be the one to ensure that we will no longer be a species that is confined to a particular environment. It’s NASA’s goal to have people living on the moon by 2020. Whether or not that happens that fast, it will happen- soon. NASA has announced their commercial space operations (CSO) partners- SpaceX and Boeing- which will suck in gargantuan governmental billions (news flash- SpaceX isn’t exactly a “private” company- it’s more of a baby NASA than an independent space-faring nomad). But this arrangement and promotion of CSO will guarantee that spaceships shall abound.

Our planes, not to mention our spaceplanes, need help, though. We need to fly like the birds, not like cars in air. The design of planes hasn’t changed much since 1960s and that ain’t gonna cut for our roadmap to the stars. SpaceX subconsciously knows that we need a bird, not a car to get us to space- they keep calling their stiff static vehicles things like “falcon” and “dragon”- and that’s what we need- a dragon. What I mean is that I think we need planes with a more flexible design- a design that is in better harmony with the air. There isn’t a flying animal that I can think of that has static wings- it’s not natural and it causes all kinds of problems- birds certainly don’t stall like planes do. Scratch metal- we need a dynamic, flexible plane that flies like a bird or bat and can adjust to it’s environment instead of losing harmony with the airspace. Cars will be somewhat “conscious” shortly- they will be aware of their environment enough to prevent an accident. Why shouldn’t planes follow with incorporating that technology? We need a robotic, conscious, flexible design for a spaceplane. The technology pretty much already exists for such a thing, we just need someone with billions of dollars lying around to build it… Ah-hem, SpaceX (you’re welcome for the game-changing idea- I guess I’ll collect my trillion dollar paycheck in another universe). So. SpaceX. Are you going to give us a real dragon with your newfound billions or just more stagnant contraptions of metal?

The death and destruction that has happened in our spaceflight timeline is horrifying. For instance, a Chinese Long March rocket immediately deviated from it’s launch path in 1996 and destroyed an entire village (killing hundreds, if not thousands of people). And the Russians accidentally killed some villages with their rockets too. Before we were aware of the dangers of lightning that can occur if a rocket is in the vicinity of thick clouds, some rockets exploded due to the creation of their own lightning. And Columbia exploded in part due to the fact that NASA decided they should cut the safety department because of the necessary funneling of funds to the International Space Station. It really seems like we are monkeys playing with fire and we have no idea what we are doing. Hence it seems that many deaths by spaceship are pending.

But it’s the only solution. Space is the only solution to all of our problems. Space is our true home, it’s where we come from and we need to return to space for the survival of our species. Space can space out the guns, war, violence, pollution and population to tolerable amounts until they will eventually dissipate. The earth can’t.

I’m the space cheerleader and I’m only dying by spaceship.

GO C S O! The stars- they aren’t that far!