Fashion = Tech

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In academia, there’s this lovely, snobbish disdain towards anyone who cares about style, fashion, or what they look like. It’s so nice to be treated like an idiot for having style. Well, those démodé intellectuals are about to look like the idiots. In the future, there will be no difference between fashion and technology. Our most important technologies will become the things that we wear. It’s already happening in myriad instances. For example, the sixth sense technology “necklace” and digital “hand map”:, and high-tech biological tracking “bracelets”: And fashion has been quick to jump into integration with wearable technology: I’m trying to predict some possibilities of this fashion-technology fusion in my sci-fi book. These technologies will increasingly become devices that interact and merge with our human biology. Having a fashion sense means creating a harmonious integration of everything worn at a given time, it means having a bodily awareness. As everything that we wear becomes technological, having a bodily awareness and creating a harmonious integration of how all worn technologies are interacting with each other and our bodies will be crucial. And well, if you don’t even know how to work clothes … ugh, you might be left in the technological dust. So, if you ain’t got no swag, you aren’t ready for the future.

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