Organic Technology

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I’m pretty sure that the endless glaring of fluorescent lights, the walls and layers of concrete and steel all around us, and the hours of daily computer screen staring are mentally and physically killing the human species slowly and silently. This is what my body seems to be telling me anyway. It feels bad to be under glaring artificial lights instead of sunlight. It feels bad to be surrounded by steel instead of nature. It feels bad to stare at an electronic screen all day. We have this technological membrane around us and it’s blocking out all of the things we need as creatures. Every time we slap down a layer of concrete, we’re killing and walling off the plants and animals that keep us alive. This isn’t how we’re supposed to be living.

Technology, in some of its current forms, is killing us. It’s a slow suicide of our species. But let me clarify- I don’t mean than the intellectual ideas within technology- the ideas that have learned to manipulate matter like matter learned to manipulate radiation billions of years ago- are bad. I mean the way we materialize those technologies are bad.

The number one killer of human beings (before health issues set in) is the car. Your car is more likely to kill you than anything else. No wonder. We’re these fragile, complex organic creatures and we’re whizzing around like bullets in pieces of dumb metal while assuming that all the other pieces of whizzing metal are being driven by rational, careful people. And it’s not just killing you- it’s killing the environment too, of course.

Our technology shouldn’t be so dumb that it directly kills us all the time. Our technology shouldn’t be dangerous pieces of metal and steel that can quickly wipe out a delicate Homo Sapien. All technology should be organic. All technology should be smart enough so that fatal accidents aren’t even a possibility. Technology is supposed to be a convenience, but right now it’s more of a fatality. Directly and indirectly.

Mercedes-Benz has the right idea: Our cars, our airplanes, our buildings- they should be grown, not built. Like Mercedes-Benz Biome, subway systems should be organic membranes, maybe resembling a snake or caterpillar, that can detect and react to the presence of other living things- so that no human being is ever killed by it.

And the internet. Pretty hard to tell if it’s doing more harm than good. Click. Reward. Click. Reward. Click… is the internet turning us into robots or cerebral mush without any ability to think for ourselves? All the information we could possibly want is already somewhere within the technological strands of the world wide web- no need to look beyond it, right?… I think that it will eventually be determined that prolonged computer use is correlated with health problems.

When I use the internet, the words and images it conveys fill my consciousness so fully that it’s hard to think about anything but whatever that blinding screen holds. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s zapping brain cells in some way. But ah, the connectedness with the world it gives us, that’s such a great thing… But is the internet providing us a pseudo connectedness with the world to hush our evolutionary, spiritual desire for a connectedness with nature? We’re losing ourselves in the internet everyday and we like to lose ourselves. But are we also losing the things that make us human?