Something’s Not Right

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[Inspired by Sarah]

Something’s not right when most rooms of adults consist of individuals glued to their cell phone screens.
Something’s not right when the children of earth are more interested in their iPhones than playing.
Something’s not right when wherever you go, people are quietly ignoring everyone else around them so they can focus all their mental energy on an LCD screen.
Something’s not right when so much cement and steel pervade our lives that when any nature creeps in to our concrete jungle, it disgusts us.
Something’s not right when we can no longer see the cosmos that made us because innumerable fluorescent lights are glaring.
Something’s not right when the human being can no longer stand to let his mind wander for fear of missing a post.
Something’s not right when a cell phone acts as an immense blockade to any glimmer of human connection.
Something’s not right when we don’t know how to have genuine emotional communication with, or empathy for, another human being because we’re used to using only text to communicate.
Something’s not right when words, photos, posts, and advertisements stream into our conscious worlds so continuously that there’s simply no room to imagine a world without them or beyond them.
Something’s not right when we use our electronic devices to avoid our thoughts and feelings- the things that make us human.

And there’s simply no social room to miss the latest post, photo, or text. And my god, what ever better thing could I possibly be doing with my spare moments than filling them up with the connections and uploads in my digital domain?! Sit in boredom? No way. Look out the window? What for? Watch the world go by? Nah, seen it before. Let our mind wander? Well, wander to what?

If we can’t stand to just sit and let our minds wander, then the entirety of humanity is in dire danger. And I don’t mean that with the slightest spice of exaggeration. All of humanity’s greatest advancements, inventions, and achievements began with a mind that wandered to a new thought. A mind that wandered to a new idea. A mind that wandered to something imaginary that later became a reality that changed everything. The first plane. The first pencil. The first book. The first rocket. The first wheel. The first key. These firsts, and all other firsts, all sprouted from a wandering mind. And they weren’t usually created by one great inspired insight, but by conglomerations of wandering moments that found each other in other wandering moments.

Perhaps if you had put that iPhone down for two minutes your imaginary vision could have changed the course of human history. But instead you decided to keep texting, keep tweeting, keep facebooking, keep uploading photos. You keep letting a screen absorb your consciousness entirely. And in doing so, you’ve told everyone around you that it’s ok to never let your consciousness leave that little screen. In fact, you’ve inspired them to never let their eyes leave that little screen. And consequently, you’ve turned humanity’s advancement down some very small notch. And together, all of us, eyeing our news feeds instead of the world around us, have turned humanity down one, big notch. Maybe it’s not your fault, maybe it’s just the fault of Steve Jobs. But we can’t afford another dial down in a modern world that has too many problems, too few solutions, and too big of dreams to lose the wandering minds who will save it, lead it, and take it to the stars. Indeed, all of humanity depends on each mind wandering to a place that no mind ever wandered before. So I beg you, put that cell phone, tablet, or laptop down and let your mind wander because your species, your planet, and your society depends on it.


2 thoughts on “Something’s Not Right

  1. WordPress automatically spammed a lot of comments, although they were not spam (and it was too late to unspam them by the time I noticed)- so if you commented before or have comments I’d love to get them.

    • I really liked your “Something’s Not Right,” except for the repeating of “Something’s Not Right” to begin every sentence.
      Other than that… “Very Good!”

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