The danger of science without meaning


Leading physicists at the top of academia seem to think that they have the intellectual authority to sneer at the value of humanity. Phrases like “chemical scum,” “random accident,” “cosmic fluke,” “unimportant trace contaminant of the universe,” or “mere side effect of increasing entropy” sporadically crop up in lectures by physicists to remark on the existential state of humanity. Since these remarks come from the mouths of “geniuses”, we take them seriously and hence begin to yield to meaninglessness and believe that the emergence of life is something that has gone terribly wrong on this planet.

But physicists are not academically equipped to make these claims; I know—I’m trained as one. But I’m also one of the rare science thinkers who is also trained to think about meaning. When we believe in meaninglessness, we take the resources of earth and the beauty of our lives for granted. When we believe in meaninglessness, we over-value the material- since the scientist says that’s all that exists- and cease to appreciate or have awe, wonder, morals, ethics, spirituality, and a loving persona towards our earth and our communities. If we believe in meaninglessness, we will kill our planet. I want to proclaim our scientific meaning to the world—we are a natural unfolding of the cosmos, we are specially condensed versions of the universe, we are how the universe comes to know itself, and we have immense meaning. In fact, if we weren’t here to study, admire, and inquire about the universe, then the whole cosmic show would have gone on unnoticed. We are stardust that can explain the stars, we are galactic inhabitants who can map the universe, and we are the universe itself.


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