None of us know what we’re doing


Many of us experience the world with a sense of familiarity and eventual boredom with our everyday lives. We yearn to fill our lives with things and experiences that excite us, that make us feel alive, that entertain us… And we feel the need to fill every moment with something to occupy our minds. And hence we end up filling every moment of our lives with distractions from the one thing we should probably be paying the most attention to- life, reality, the universe we inhabit. And then we emerge dissatisfied from our “entertained” lives and cry for meaning…

But I can’t blame you. No one probably ever taught you how or gave you the time to deeply and extensively contemplate your fundamental existence in the cosmos. This might be partially because no single human being knows how to live their life. None of us know what we’re doing. And I don’t either, of course.  But the one thing we probably should do before we do anything else with our one precious life, is figure out some kind of meaning or value or importance for ourselves so that we can pursue life with an appetite and joy for planet Earth and the human species … With degrees in astrophysics and religion from Berkeley, you could say that’s all I think about.

I’ve learned that there’s something so miraculous, so absurd, so beautiful, so incredible about every second of our existence that it’s unbelievable… but because we experience it over and over and over again… we never really see or value the miracle we own in our very consciousness right now. Earth might be heaven, but if we experience it constantly, we’ll never notice. That’s why to start our search for meaning, we need to take a big step back from the flows of experiences and excitements that we have access to, and take a good, hard look at reality.


One thought on “None of us know what we’re doing

  1. Siara, your ideas offer a viable and compelling future for humanity. When we see the beauty and connectedness within the universe, we understand ourselves more deeply, promoting our survival. We also appreciate the passing moments, bringing value to our experiences and love for each other.

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