You are the universe


What’s happening right now on planet Earth is nothing short of insane. 13.8 billion years ago all that existed was a vacuum of nothingness, of empty space that somehow held an invisible, incredible potential. That cosmic vacuum of infinite nothingness manifested into you. The utmost miracle- space transformed itself into a mind. It meticulously built you with the ultimate building blocks of unfathomable amounts of time and space… You are the cosmo-evolutionary product of billions of years and unimaginably vast stretches of space that came together and self-organized themselves into you, into the human species, into a breathing planet. And there need not be anything supernatural about it. That’s how the cosmos works. It creates minds and planets and amazing things from nothingness. The universe could have stayed in a state of nothing perpetually, but it used all of it’s energy, time, and force to coalesce into you…

What all this means is… you are the universe. The universe is not something out there, somewhere, beyond us. It is in this room. It is in you. You are the culmination of all of the cosmos. We are the daughters and sons of space and light and time itself. Amazingly, some of the carbon and oxygen atoms in your body right now came from the very first stars that ever formed in the cosmos. The elements that make up your body were born from the most spectacular and outrageously beautiful and explosive events of the universe. Billions of years of stellar and galactic drama played out to allow for your emergence. Your cosmochemical existence is so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe that this was possible. Yet this is how the universe we live in works.


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